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Panossière hut

Val de Bagnes

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The FXB hut at Panossière is the fifth hut built at Panossière.
The first shelter was built under a rock face in 1881, then in 1893 a wooden shelter was built. In 1969, a beautiful stone hut was built, which was destroyed by an avalanche in 1988. It was replaced by a temporary shelter, a simple construction site hut which was later replaced by the current hut, inaugurated in 1996 thanks to the support of the FXB Foundation.

The current hut, with its avant-garde design, is a high mountain hut offering simple comfort. It is not a hotel in the mountains, FXB Panossière remains a refuge for hikers and mountaineers.

Indeed, the supply of water, electricity and heating is sometimes problematic at this altitude, despite the sophistication of current techniques.