6. St-Rhémy - Bourg-St-Pierre

Great st. bernard hospice

Col du Grand-Saint-Bernard

+41 (0)27 787 12 36


In the centre of a beautiful mountain range, on a pass on the border between Switzerland and Italy, the Hospice offers accommodation and communal meals throughout the year.

The Hospice was founded in 1050 by Bernard de Menthon, Archdeacon of Aosta, to welcome and protect the many travellers using this passage through the Alps. A few companions, members of the Aosta Valley clergy, helped Bernard to build this house. Thus was born a community and a hospice whose vocation of welcome has remained uninterrupted to this day.

The Congregation of the Canons of the Great St. Bernard (www.gsbernard.ch) now has about forty members who are also present at the Simplon Hospice and in several parishes in the region.