Passing through the Col de Mille, you will enter the territory of the Bagnes municipality, the largest one in Switzerland (282 km²). The Tour des Combins trail gradually heads NE and then reaches la Treutse after one hour, at an altitude of 2092m. You will enjoy superb views on all the hamlets making up this municipality with a population of 7800 citizens. Heading east, the path continues via blueberries and Arolla pines and leads to the Brunet Hut.

Heading SE, the path leads to the Sery bridge set on a narrow gorge, via uphill and downhill stretches, and then reaches the “la Maye” village somewhat easily. A steep zigzag climb leads to the large, 200-metre long footbridge crossing the streams that have their sources in the Corbassière glacier. Less than an hour’s hike on an easy path will then take you to the François-Xavier Bagnoud Hut in Panossière.